Wall-Space Booth

The store provides wallspaces for a small monthly fee. Upon booking a wallspace booth, the artisan can paint the walls, put up as many shelving/rods and display units as preferred, decorate the wall according to their brand's aesthetic and put up signage/boards.

Below are the wall-space options provided by the store along with the pricing:

1 Foot - 12” W x 24” D X 105” H - $100/mo

1.5 Feet - 18” W x 24” D X 105” H - $150/mo

2 Feet - 24” W x 24” D X 105” H - $200/mo

2.5 Feet - 30” W x 24” D X 105” H - $250/mo

3 Feet - 36” W x 24” D X 105” H - $300/mo

Free Standing Booth

These are free standing display/shelving units that the artisan can bring in to display their products in. The artisan can place their custom free stadning unit anywhere in the store without a wall space.

The monthly fee of these units depend on the measurement. If an artisan prefers to bring in their own display unit, we request the measurement for the unit and charge the fee according to the size of the unit.

Please send measurements and enquiries to

Note: All booth prices are subject to a 5% GST charge.